Helen Ashby Reiki Therapy

Energy - Healing - Calm

A powerful healing tool that can benefit animals physically, emotionally and mentally.

About Me

I have been a Reiki Master III Practitioner since 2010 and have used this as a tool for healing, calming and energising friends, family and many of our furry companions.  This wonderfully powerful healing therapy is beneficial to all who experience it.

For those who are interested in learning this discipline, I also teach - so if you are interested please contact me for further details.

Benefits of Reiki for ​Animals

The powerful healing energy of Reiki has huge benefits for Animals as well as their owners. Benefits for Animals include alleviating anxiety, stress, nervousness and producing a state of calm. Increased energy levels and overall well-being.

 Reiki gets to the cause of the issue and helps deal with it rather than just taking a pill to alleviate the symptoms.


What We Offer

We offer a simple and effective oriental method of working with energy in a purely serene holistic treatment.

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Helen Ashby Reiki Therapy offers the flexibility to see you and your animals in their own domain. 

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Health and Wellbeing

Reiki Therapy enhances overall well-being. Like us, pets who are healthy can have occasional physical, emotional and mental imbalances and if we don't help them, they can then manifest as illness. 

Reiki Therapy can help maintain your furry friends natural state of well-being and balance. It strengthens the immune system in order to assist in healing the body. It also accelerates healing following surgery or illness so that your companion can get back to being themselves as quickly as possible and can also reduce medication requirements. 

Reiki Therapy can help with behaviour issues by promoting relaxation and reduction of stress, which in turn increases their trust and bonding with you. 

Reiki Therapy provides comfort and relieves pain, anxiety and fear for terminally ill animals, and smooths end of life transition.

Reiki Therapy is non-invasive and requires nothing but the therapists hands. It may be given anywhere at any time and requires no equipment or technology ensuring that our friends need not be moved from the comfort of their home.

Reiki Therapy ensures that the animal is in control at all times. It cannot be forced upon an animal and they will choose to take it for as long as they like to ensure this relaxing treatment gives them exactly what they need.

Reiki Therapy always works for an animal’s highest good.


"Helen treated my anxious German shepherd bitch and even after one session which she completely relaxed into , she is noticeably more relaxed in herself and am confident with ongoing sessions that will only improve more for her"

Linda - Epping

"Had our first session with Helen today for our anxious Labrador, Lola. For the past 4 years she hasn’t liked going out for walks, changes in weather like heavy rain, storms and fireworks, she’s just shaking like a leaf hiding under a table or in the bathroom. Within 5 minutes of meeting Helen, Lola was calm and relaxed taking the healing, positive energy from her.....she seemed to really like it! We can’t wait to have more sessions and hope to soon have our confident, walk loving Lola back."

Gemma - Rayne

"She is a lovely lady helping my little stressed cat only had one session so......."

Kim - Thaxted

"I had Reiki healing , I found it calming and had incredible freezing cold shivers from nowhere, which apparently was the negative energy leaving me. I’ve had a lot on my personal plate lately , this was picked up by Helen during the healing. Her accuracy on my poorly knee joints and left IT band problem was picked up and I had an overwhelming calm and warmth in those areas afterwards. I have to say I found the entire session informative and felt overwhelming calmness after, which was much needed. Will certainly have more sessions"

Sharon - Great Dunmow


"Helen is excellent! She’s been helping one of my working dogs to heal, after a serious injury. She’s easy to talk to and explains how she works. It’s fascinating watching how my dog reacts. She’s very driven but she has moments where her eyes soften and certainly seems to benefit. She’s always tired and relaxed after. Highly recommended."

Julie - Sudbury

"Helen has treated my horse twice now. The first time, I was amazed at how he just went straight to sleep and relaxed in Helen's presence. He can be a bit rude at times, and also bites when you touch his stomach due to previously having ulcers. However, he let Helen touch him all over and was visibly relaxed and enjoying himself. She's since treated him again and he was equally relaxed, even spending half the session laying down! He was clearly feeling chilled after as he normally hates loading and he walked straight on the lorry and travelled better than he does normally. I can't explain what Reiki is....nor how it works....but all I can say is that it seems to have a mysteriously positive effect on my horse!!"

Angela - Hallingbury

"Helen was amazing with my​ two dogs. I couldn’t believe how much comfort they took from her being there. Within minutes there was a noticeable change with the boys and since leaving they have both been visibly more relaxed and at ease." 

 Jess - Great Notley

"Had a great session with Helen today.... horse clearly benefited and my dog, who wasn’t even booked in, loved it!!!!! X" 

 Jo - Abury 

"Helen came to see two horses for me and when she left they were really calm and chilled." 

 Samantha - Takeley 

Exciting News for 2020.....

I am extremely pleased to announce that I have been asked to join the team at Battersea Dogs and Cats home. 

The guys do an absolutely fantastic job at helping our furry friends in a multitude of different ways.

I feel truly privileged to be volunteering my time to help out where I can to ensure that these creatures heal from their imbalances and are re-homed successfully to enjoy the rest of their lovely lives.

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